About Amanda

Method: Power Pilates/Classical Pilates*
Focus: Strength, Stretch, Core Control and Stamina for all fitness levels.

Amanda Rotenstreich, a fitness instructor since 1999, is a native of Morganton, North Carolina, a graduate of Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia and holds certifications in the Comprehensive Power Pilates Program (all equipment), Power Pilates Mat, Johnny G’s MaddDog Spinning, RPM, Bodypump, Bodyflow, and Sports Based Flexible Strength Yoga.

Amanda RotenstrichAt an early age Amanda was a competitive swimmer and tennis player. This competitiveness triggered a love for fitness that she has followed all of her life. In 2000 Amanda began her Pilates training and then began teaching Pilates reformer in January, 2001. In 2006 while continuing to teach a contemporary style of Pilates, Amanda began to focus her study on Classical Pilates. Amanda found a passion for the classical approach and saw the most progress and change in herself, deciding that this was the approach she wanted to teach to others. In 2007 Amanda began her training with Power Pilates, the classical technique of Joseph Pilates, and completed the comprehensive program on February 1st, 2009. Amanda learned through her training that Power Pilates is not physical therapy, but rather body conditioning. This classical system allows the body time to heal, balance and change naturally thru movements.

Amanda lives by the Power Pilates philosophy (movement heals) and uses this philosophy to get a client moving the minute they walk into the studio. Amanda believes that Power Pilates is a workout that shapes, energizes, and invigorates one’s body and soul allowing the body becomes strong and pain free.

Amanda is passionate about working with all fitness levels using modifications when necessary for special need situations. Amanda gets great satisfaction seeing the constant transformation and changes in her clients and is available for group classes, semi-privates, and private sessions.

*Power Pilates is a classical, systematic [the client begins the session laying down and progresses through the session to standing] and integrative approach [the client works on all or as much of the equipment as possible in one session] to Pilates training which honors the integrity of the method of Joseph Pilates…